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Fifty years ago Carroll Shelby founded Shelby American to build and market high performance cars. The goal was to create a car better than the rest. In 1962 Shelby released the first Shelby Cobra and his dream of producing a vehicle like no other became a reality. The car was an instant success and attracted much attention. To this day, these cars continue to be some of the most sought after and valuable vehicles. To honor the high demand for these vehicles, Shelby American authorized continuations of the original AC-bodied Shelby Cobra series. These continuation vehicles continue their serial number where the last 427 S/C production left off. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Central Valley, Inc. was fortunate enough to acquire Shelby CSX 4980. These cars are rich in history, and will be gaining more exposure and notoriety in 2012 as Shelby American celebrates their 50th Anniversary. It is not uncommon to see an original Cobra from the 1960's go at auction for over a million dollars. Though there are numerous companies that make replicas of these cars, they all pale in comparison as far as value and quality when placed next to a CSX Cobra. This Cobra is cut from this cloth. Since it is assigned a CSX number from Shelby, it is also included in the Shelby World Registry. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Central Valley, Inc. is proud to offer you the chance to win this vehicle and own a piece of history!